The Terra Brantley Foundation, Inc. announced today that Exavionna Roddy has been named its Smart Girls scholarship winner for 2020. The organization founded in 2019 by Terra Brantley, WANE15 TV news anchor, awards $15,000 annually to assist a young female member of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Fort Wayne in pursuing a college or university education.

“After partnering with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Fort Wayne on many projects over the years, I wanted to do something that would help youngsters in its Smart Girls program get to the next level,” says Terra Brantley, Founder and President of the Terra Brantley Foundation (TBF). “Providing a financial resource to help them attain a college education is fundamental in their socioeconomic development and evolution.”

Exavionna Roddy, a senior at South Side High School, would like to attend Ball State University or IUPUI majoring in Elementary and Early Childhood Education. She is active on the Academic Team at South Side High School and is a member of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Fort Wayne since early 2019 where she excels in the Smart Girls program, Girls Scouts, and is also a Junior Staff member. Exavionna plans on being an elementary school teacher with aspirations of opening a school in the Midwest.

The Terra Brantley Foundation, Inc. has partnered with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Fort Wayne, Sweetwater Sound, Parkview Health, Summit City Chevrolet, Heffner Foundation, LiUNA! Local 213 and Indiana Tech to provide an annual $15,000 Smart Girls Scholarship to a female high school student and member of the Smart Girls program ages 16 to 18, who will graduate from high school and pursue a college/university education and subsequent degree in Indiana.

“Exavionna is a great example of a young woman who is rising above her challenges and working to help others. After judging the applications, the TBF Board of Directors and I decided Exavionna best represents what the Boys & Girls Clubs of Fort Wayne is working to achieve by uplifting and empowering local youth,” says Brantley. “We were going to make the announcement at the Smart Girls/Brilliant Women that is usually held in November, but the event was canceled due to the pandemic.”

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Fort Wayne Smart Girls program helps school age girls develop and adopt a healthy attitude and lifestyle, sustain a positive self-concept, sound decision-making skills and mentor relationships. The program focuses on health, fitness, education and self-esteem enhancement.

The Smart Girls program offers the tools to assist our female Club members reach their full potential as productive, caring and responsible women.
“We are extremely grateful to the Terra Brantley Foundation, Inc. for providing this life changing opportunity to one of our Smart Girl club members“, says Joe Jordan, President & CEO of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Fort Wayne. “Terra Brantley and the generosity of the Foundation is a superb example of making a significant impact and investing in our children and our future leaders.”

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