We remember the first Thanksgiving Day
Started by the pilgrims so far away
In Europe, they faced discrimination
Because of their religious orientation
They decided to move in their desperate hour
They boarded a ship called the Mayflower
Over the waves of the Atlantic sea
They looked for a land where they could be free
They were driven off course from their destination
But Plymouth Rock become their salvation
They built homes and farms in this new land
For their rights, they took their stand
The pilgrims struggled in bad weather
But their faith held them together
Half of them died in that first year
Starvation and fear left survivors in fear
Their crops failed but they remained strong
They had found a place where they could belong
They grew enough corn to survive
And saw tomorrow as a time to thrive
Their early leader was William Bradford
He favored a time to thank the Lord
The Pilgrims had a harvest fest
To celebrate surviving their grueling test
In 1621, over three days
They gave thanks and praise
The men hunted ducks, turkey, and geese
Also, clams, fish, and plums added to the feast
Women cooked cornbread over the fires
And meats were roasted on the pyres
Ninety Indians were also there
For the dinner, they brought five deer
After eating, there were many things to do
They enjoyed games and a military review
The Pilgrims are remembered by we, the living
We honor their memory each Thanksgiving

The Waynedale News Staff
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