During the fall season the weather is cooler and many plants become dormant. Leaves change to an array of different and vibrant colors.
I’m always looking for enjoyable inexpensive events for our clients to take part in. Most of our clients don’t have very much income they can use towards entertainment for the family. One suggestion is to spend time enjoying the variety of fall color changes in our area, and in our surrounding areas.

There is usually a small charge to visit the Foellinger–Freimann Botanical Conservatory. It’s a great place to see lush, seasonal displays.

There may be a small cost associated with some events at the Lindenwood Nature Preserve, but the joy from the nature hikes and other events are well worth it.

Brown County State Park is well known as a place to enjoy the changing fall colors.

Another favorite of mine for viewing the fall changes is the Salomonie Reservoir. The name Salamonie is derived from the Miami Indian word osahmonee, which means yellow paint. It is said that the Native Americans made yellow paint from the bloodroot plant which grew along the Salamonie River. 

I especially treasure the September timeframe in which the temperatures usually range between 75 and 55 degrees. The weather is usually pleasant, which allows us to use less energy to stay comfortable. We may have lingering summer cooling bills to pay, but as the temperature drops with the arrival of fall, we don’t have the high utility bills to pay.

I want to take this time to suggest to all that we stay current in paying our utility bills. It is very important for clients to request assistance in a timely manner, before the utilities are disconnected or scheduled for shutoff. When utilities are shut off, sometimes the entire bill and an additional deposit must be paid before the utilities will be turned back on. Securing payment for a deposit can be difficult for our many of our clients.

You should consider having some indoor plants to assist in purifying your indoor air. Plants are indispensable to human life. They convert the carbon dioxide we exhale into fresh oxygen, and they can also remove toxins from the air we breathe. Some scientists say house plants are effective natural air purifiers. Having plants in your home and allowing children to help with the care, can teach them responsibility and an appreciation of living things. Indoor plants can be a way of filling the rooms with wonderful scents, and they can be a joy to behold!

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