On July 25, Paula Booth, coordinator for Monarchs and Milkweed project, was voted winner of Fort Wayne’s third event of 2019. Monarchs and Milkweed is a project to convert 2000 square feet of Concordia Lutheran High School’s outdoor campus space into a Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary. Booth was awarded $1,186 at the event which she will use to further the creation of an outdoor sanctuary aimed at preserving the Monarch Butterfly species.

Fort Wayne Soup is a micro-grant community dinner that uses crowdfunding to help launch creative projects aimed to enhance Fort Wayne. To date, Fort Wayne SOUP has donated over $14,156 to a variety of projects that have had a positive impact on our community. The next and final event for 2019 is scheduled on September 19 at The Summit (1025 W. Rudisill Blvd, Fort Wayne, IN 46807).

On July 25, more than 120 people attended Fort Wayne SOUP to listen to 4 presenters pitch ideas that would help Fort Wayne thrive. Each presenter had 4 minutes to pitch their idea and make the case as to why they should receive the most votes and win funding for their project. The presenter with the most votes received the money at the door, as well as matching sponsorship dollars.

Booth won Fort Wayne’s community support and dollars by highlighting how an outdoor sanctuary for Monarch butterflies could not only counter the rapid decline of the species, but also provide the Fort Wayne community a place to visit and learn about butterflies. Monarchs and Milkweed plans to provide educational tours to local school groups and to the general public. Booth plans to use the funds awarded by Fort Wayne SOUP to buy milkweed and nectar plants at wholesale costs. These plants will create an environment for butterfly reproduction, nutrients, and rest.

Founded in 2017, Fort Wayne SOUP hosts micro-grant dinners that foster community and raise funds for creative projects that enhance Fort Wayne living. The public is encouraged to attend Fort Wayne SOUP events, as well as submit proposals that they wish to present at a Fort Wayne SOUP event.

Proposals should have an underlying mission of improving the community of Fort Wayne. Proposals can still be submitted for the upcoming events online at fortwaynesoup.org. A minimum of $5 entry donation at the door is encouraged. Attendees will receive food, a chance to ask questions, time to discuss and deliberate with other guests, and a vote towards which idea they like the most. The winner receives all the proceeds raised through ticket sales. Proceeds go towards making the winning pitch a reality.

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