Healthcare coverage can be easy to ignore – until you need it. “Hoosiers covered by the Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP), Hoosier Healthwise, Medicaid and other Indiana health insurance programs must pay close attention to requests and requirements. Missing one notice can result in gaps or loss of coverage,” states Amanda Chappell, Program Manager of Covering Kids & Families of Brightpoint.

Covering Kids & Families helps Hoosiers sign up for and understand healthcare coverage programs. “Healthcare coverage – insurance – can be confusing. We want Hoosiers to know help is available.” Covering Kids & Families wants Hoosiers to know:

If you do not have healthcare coverage or have questions about keeping your coverage, free unbiased help is available from Covering Kids & Families of Brightpoint and other community organizations

To keep your healthcare coverage, it is critical to respond to any requests for information (letters, postcards, etc.) and to follow plan requirements (Power Account payments, Gateway to Work reporting, change in income, change in address, etc.). Not responding by deadlines could result in gaps or loss of coverage.

November 1 – December 15, 2018 Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP) members can change their 2019 health plan regardless of when they enrolled or the date of their recertification.

November 1 – December 15, 2018 is Marketplace Open Enrollment with coverage starting January 1, 2019. Consumers can enroll, or they can change plans.

Covering Kids & Families of Brightpoint advises consumers to do a healthcare coverage tune up to make sure they understand and maintain coverage. To schedule an appointment with a licensed healthcare coverage Navigator, visit or call 1-800-589-2264.

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