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With the winter cold on its way, does your home already feel like it takes a long time to heat up to temperature or just drafty? You may need a furnace tune-up.

For $79.95, a tune-up from Fire & Ice can help ensure a warm winter and a more efficiently running furnace. Like a skilled surgeon, Fire & Ice heating technicians can quickly diagnose the problem, and offer the right solutions to get your furnace up and running in no time. Their qualified, NATE-certified service technicians have the experience, skills and tools to fix your heating problems right the first time. Best yet, all of their furnace repairs and services are guaranteed 100% in writing for your complete peace of mind.

Does your home air seem dry to you? Fire & Ice can help with that too. Overly dry air can cause itchy, cracked skin, dry nasal passages, static electricity shocks, and cracked woodwork. It can also reduce the efficiency and effectiveness of your heating system. Adding a Carrier humidifier will reduce dust and other irritants that circulate in the air you breathe. Plus, a humidity level between 40-60% helps you feel warmer at lower temperatures. So you will feel more comfortable and save on your utility costs.

Fire & Ice began in 2008 and set a benchmark to provide an affordable, personable heating and cooling company that values customer satisfaction and provides the home comfort homeowners were seeking. They specialize in new home installation, add-on or replacement equipment, tune-ups, repairs, water heater installation/repair, humidifier installation/repair, dehumidifier installation/repair, indoor air quality. And they do plumbing work as well including installation and service work as well.

Fire & Ice is a small, personable company. As a customer, you will speak to the same people all year. The owner Michael R Coe is a graduate of Elmhurst High school 1972 and has worked in the HVAC field for 45+ years. They work on all makes and models; commercial and residential. They also offer seasonal coupons on their website at www.fireandicehvac.net and often have fun contests and drawings to give back to their community.

They even offer 24 Hour Emergency Service available all year. You can call them at (260) 424-6260 during their regular business hours, Monday – Friday 8AM to 4:30PM.

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