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Home Wireless Video Surveillance Cameras

Have you seen the reports on the evening news where someone had a video camera mounted on their front porch and it caught someone sneaking up and taking a UPS package? Or a video camera that catches someone walking up to a back door of a home in the middle of the night?

Recently at the Do It Best Hardware convention we found a product that will allow any homeowner to keep an eye on their house, from anywhere!

RING makes products that easily convert your doorbell button into your own personal, real-time, watchdog for your home. As soon as motion is detected, or the button is pushed, you get a real-time alert and video sent to your smart phone, laptop or computer. You can be inside your home, at work, at a restaurant or on vacation. And what I think is one of the best things is that you can speak to that person, and if they wish, they can speak to you!

They also make battery-powered motion sensing video cameras the size of your cell phone that you can mount anywhere on your property. There are under-eave versions that replace existing light fixtures. There are versions that are solar-powered if you don’t want to rely on batteries. There are even versions that allow you to set off an alarm at the push of a button from wherever you may be.

We were so impressed by this company and their products, we now stock them in both of our stores. If you’re looking for what’s new in home security, and want to be not only safer at home, but also have the convenience of being able to monitor your home from anywhere, stop in and check out our hands-on RING products display today.

We also just put in a new line of Kwikset branded entry locks called SMARTKEY. These locks allow you to re-key your entry lock anytime you wish, as many times as you wish. With just a few steps and a special keying tool that comes with the new lock, you can become your own locksmith. If you think the wrong person has gotten a key, change it! If your teenager has lost their key again, change it! If you want a different key for each entry door, change it!

You can even re-key the new Kwikset SMARTKEY lock to match your old Kwikset door lock key!
The new Kwikset SMARTKEY entry lock gives you flexibility in the future because the person that has your house key today may not be the one you want to have your key tomorrow.


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