First grader Ethan Wood tries to decide which goodies to purchase. This year, 4,616 cookies were sold.Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic School held its annual ‘Goodies for God’ charity drive. Teachers Mrs. Jessica Patton and Mrs. Julie Peters asked their first grade students to each bring in five dozen individually bagged goodies to be sold for 25 cents a piece. The money raised was donated to The Woman’s Care Center.

This year, 1st graders collected the most money ever raised from this event, $1,154 by selling 4,616 cookies.

‘Goodies for God’ started out as ‘Cookies for Christ’ in the early 1990s when Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic School was part of Saint Joseph-Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton School. Mrs. Joanne Krudop started this service project after noticing that one of her students did not have a single pair of shoes without holes. This student was using cardboard in his shoes to keep his feet dry.

Krudop’s solution was ‘Cookies of Christ’. At that time, all the proceeds went to the Sunshine Club, which supported families at Christmas time. In 2013, when Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic School officially opened, the kindness project changed its name to ‘Goodies for God’.

The charity selected to receive donations has also changed over the years.

“About five years ago we decided that there was a lot of support for the Sunshine Club and began looking for a different organization that helped children,” said Peters. “We found the Women’s Care Center.”

The Woman’s Care Center supports mothers and babies in the Fort Wayne area.

“The money that we raise goes to buy diapers, formula, clothes, and other needs for moms and their babies,” said Peters.

This fundraiser is a favorite among students and faculty for obvious reasons, however, most realize that eating and buying these cookies has an added perk.

“I love that I can buy cookies and eat them at school,” said seventh grader Isaac Barkes. “It makes me feel good that I also got the opportunity to help those in need, especially during the holidays.”

According to Patton, another goal of this project was to inspire quality family time.

“Goodies for God is even bigger than a schoolwide project,” said Patton. “Each goodie brought in was put together by a first grader and other members of their family. How great is that?”

First grade students learned the importance of putting others before themselves, a lesson the entire Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton family strives to do. Goodies, family time, and raising money for the less fortunate, a true holiday tradition.

“It was fun to make cookies with my mom,” said first grader Gia Allen. “We smiled a lot and made a bunch of cookies. It was our special time together. I loved it.”

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