Bishop Luers High School received a grant recently from bestselling author James Patterson to support its school library. In addition, Scholastic Reading Club will match each dollar of Patterson’s donation with “bonus points” that teachers can use to acquire books and other materials for their classrooms. Bishop Luers High School was selected from 27,924 applications for funding grants.

As part of an ongoing effort to keep books and reading a number one priority in the United States, bestselling author James Patterson, together with Scholastic Reading Club made a commitment to help save school libraries nationwide.

”Thank you, Mr. Patterson for supporting our students! I am so grateful that James Patterson and Scholastic have chosen Bishop Luers High School for a partnership in literacy. The impact that this generous funding will have on students and their reading lives is enormous,” said Laura Sturm, Bishop Luers High School Librarian. “I am glad to know that a mega-author and a vast corporation value and are willing to support our small high school in Indiana. I was thrilled and humbled to receive the news!”

Sturm added, “Our students are on fire for reading and this grant will enable us to diversify and expand our library collection. It is difficult to be culturally responsive, provide various levels, and genres with little funding in libraries across the U.S. Space, equipment, and materials are also insufficient. This funding ensures that books will be in the hands of every booklover in our school who desires reading!”

“These grants are my humble acknowledgement of some of the terrific work taking place in libraries,” says Patterson. “Here’s to communities supporting school libraries. Here’s to a country that makes reading a priority.”

“It continues to be inspiring and motivating to work with James Patterson to support school libraries across the country,” said Judy Newman, President of Scholastic Reading Club. “Jim’s unwavering commitment to helping children lead better lives rich with books is transformative. Scholastic is thrilled to be working in such an effective partnership.”

In the first-ever partnership of its kind, Patterson joined forces with Scholastic Reading Club to administer funding applications to their network of 62,000 schools and 800,000 teachers. Applicants were asked to fill out an online application posing the question, “what would your school library do with $1,000 to $10,000?” The full list of grant recipients is available online at

Any U.S. school with students from pre-kindergarten to 12th grade was eligible for a grant. Patterson hopes that the high volume of requests will raise awareness for the problems facing school libraries today.

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