Effective communication is more important in today’s world than ever before-not just speaking, but listening. Not just listening, but being able to use all the modern technical devices available. Communication brings our products to the customer, and in turn allows us to understand the customer’s needs.

But communication is more than a tool in the market place. Having an understanding with our neighbors and friends enriches our personal lives. Communication with our children isn’t a pipe dream-it can be done. (Maybe.) Understanding our husband or wife is possible. Getting along with a difficult co-worker can sometimes be achieved.
So how can these miracles become reality?

Through a non-profit organization called Toastmasters. No, it is not a speech class, or any kind of class at all. It is a learn-by-doing program that will allow you to find your voice and become confident. You will enjoy the company of other individuals seeking to develop speaking and leadership skills. It is a club-not a class! Through working as a team with your fellow Toastmasters, you will lose the fear of an audience, gain leadership skills, and help others to reach success.

Speech classes and seminars can be expensive. Toastmasters is a fun way to hone skills you may already have at a fraction of the cost. Because it is a club it is on-going. You will always stay at the top of your game. The most successful class eventually comes to an end. What then? If you don’t use your new-found abilities, you will lose them.

Visitors are welcome. Come and see what we do. You will not be asked to speak, unless you want to. Contact Dave Wilkins at 260-447-2886 or email him at

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