by Lee Wolfe Blum
InterVarsity Press, 9780830843084
PB, 198 pages

Blum takes the reader on a journey through her problems with an eating disorder and depression. Being up and down with severe weight issues caused problems with movement, breathing, socializing, buying clothes, holding a job, and even with praying. The author is honest about her struggles, expressing her doubts, frustrations, anger, and fear. She tells the reader how she struggled with keeping her faith throughout her disorder, and she does not hesitate to share her mistakes, poor decisions, and setbacks. This book focuses on aspects of nutrition, self-acceptance, spiritual redemption, exercise, personal goal setting, and family relationships.

Blum’s journey was long and hard, and her book contains a detailed account of all her struggles. The attention to detail contributes to the inspiring effect of how she was finally able to seek and accept God’s help in overcoming her problems. Her struggle to remain strong in her faith throughout the book shows that even people in the darkest of places can find God’s light if they seek it. The suggested reading audience for this book is New Adults, particularly those in the 20 – 27 age range who are battling with aspects of personal acceptance or with health issues.

Taylor Puitz of Fort Wayne, Indiana is a professional writing major at Taylor University and a freelance writer for The Aboite Independent and Church Libraries.