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Jackson Jacobs and Christopher Svitek have fun in the Mexico classroom.St. Joseph-St. Elizabeth School held its annual Cultural Voyage on February 13 at the St. Joseph campus. Cultural Voyage is an evening where each 5th through 8th grade homeroom is transformed into a country or a region. The students do research on their country which they present on poster boards. There are video presentations, and the students help to build replica landmarks such as volcanoes, bridges, mountain ranges, roads or other landmarks.

The countries and regions represented this year were England, Ireland, France, Denmark, Mexico, New Zealand, and the Eastern United States and the Western United States. Some of the landmarks represented were Buckingham Palace and the London Bridge in England, the Eiffel Tower in France, and Route 66 and the Statue of Liberty in the United States.

“Cultural Voyage is a great evening and a community building event,” said St. Joseph-St. Elizabeth School Principal Lois Widner. “Our students, parents and staff come together and present awesome information about different cultures and countries while building fellowship.”

The teachers who directed the students in the Cultural Voyage are Leslye Yarde, Connie Walker, Greg Svarczkopf, Sue Verstynen, Michelle Voigt, Michelle Meyer, Deb Brough and Jodi Jump. The 5th through 8th graders were issued “passports” that were stamped in each Cultural Voyage classroom. Students, families and friends of the students toured the classrooms, and then enjoyed food samplings from the various Cultural Voyage countries in the St. Joseph cafeteria.

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