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Our online community is a buzz! With over 65,000 visitors to www.waynedalenews.com last year, many have taken advantage of the new commenting feature and have begun discussing the latest and past Waynedale News. It’s free and easy to use, so why not try it and see what others have to say too! The following are some of the latest reader’s comments:

It is the season to give thanks and give gifts. My husband and I are strong believers that giving is not an option to the fortunate but a mandate. Rob Bell states in his inspirational Nooma video entitled Rich, “It’s easy for us to fall into a mindset of viewing “our” world as “the” world, because it’s all we generally see.” This laidback view that many of us have sadly fallen into has capped passion and compassion. It is difficult to think that our community alone has men, women, and children homeless. How is that possible when I have a meal to eat, a bed to sleep in, and heat to keep me warm at night? This sad truth is more than possible when you take into account the economic downfall in our nation and the paths life takes us when we’ve experienced heartbreak, disappointment, and abuse. I am thankful to those men and women who take time to not only dig deep into their pocket but deep into their heart to answer the question, “what can I do.”
~ Elizabeth Wamsley

What a wonderful little community we live in called Wayne Dale. We are set apart from the “big city” but what “big hearts” our people have. How inspiring to read of all “the acts of giving” from the food pantry at Avalon Missionary church, the Christmas portrayal at St. Therese Catholic School, the much anticipated “red kettle” volunteers for the Salvation Army to the miniature replica of the Fort Wayne Santa and reindeer at Peters Body Shop. The accompanying pictures were a taste of what our community is all about, reaching out to others with love and caring. As I drive about our “little oasis” it warms my heart and makes me proud to be a part of those that reach out to those less fortunate. My hope is that I, too, will embrace and follow their examples.
~ Patricia Parr

Such a beautiful way to look at the world. When we can see the glory of the creation within the grace of God within everything we see, we grow. The world would be much better if only we as God’s creations accepted others in the same manner, to see the beauty and not the flaws that show as much as the good. God bless you my brother.
~ Joe Gutshall

I’m so anxious to read how Mrs. Wayne-Dale’s and Wayne’s little Christmas getaway up in the mountains went for them. Were you snowed in like so many around the country were? Not here, unfortunately. How did you ever find such a hideaway with the owner even putting up a Christmas tree for you? I trust that your vacation was all you hoped it would be. Now all of us faithful readers of your column are looking forward to your often comical, never boring restaurant reviews. I, for one, love to eat especially “out”. It beats having to cook. It makes it more fun when someone finds the great places for me. Keep up the good work. Oh, by the way, Wayne, be careful no one catches you in that dumpster get-up ….we might be seeing a picture of you in The Waynedale News, if we’re lucky.
~ Patricia Parr

Wow, Tony! This is such an inspiring story. I am so glad that you shared it. Marilyn is my first cousin and I do know first hand that when someone in your family is wounded, ill, or hurting it affects everyone. I will promise to pray for you as you continue to regain what TBI has been stolen from you. May God bless you for your service to our country. I AM free to write this because of your sacrifice. A heartfelt thanks to you and your family!
~ Cathy Koesters

As my Christmas cactus just quit blooming and I really wondered why it quit so soon I was very interested in Doug Hackbarth’s column on the proper care of this beautiful plant. What might be of interest to your readers is that my plant is about 15 years old. While on my way to Chicago to visit my mom one Christmas I stopped at Hill’s Market and purchased a small Christmas cactus to bring to her. Well, that “tiny little plant” was lavished with such love and care by mom that it got huge, was divided several times, and given to relatives to also enjoy. Now my dear mother is gone but that special gift that I brought to her so many years ago still lives on in my home. By reading Doug’s column I can now be assured that I’ll take care of it properly. Who would have thought that by giving the plant too much water I would see those beautiful blooms fall off too soon. Thanks Doug, I usually get so much needed information from your column.
~ Patricia Parr

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