SrA Brenden Newell was one of more than 30 award and scholarship recipients honored for their military and community service and academic excellence during the annual Veterans Day Banquet at the Primo Banquet Hall and Conference Center.
Newell received the Military Achievement Award, bestowed upon enlisted National Guard and Reserve personnel who have been judged outstanding by their respective organizations. Selection is based on ratings in: military performance, attendance, judgment, reliability, leadership, appearance, attitude, and preparation for advancement.
Senior Airman Newell is a Cyber Surety Operator assigned to the 122d Communications Flight located in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Born in Chicago, Illinois, 21-year old Newell lives in Muncie and attended Yorktown High School. Newell is a fulltime student at Ball State University pursuing his Bachelor degree in Computer Science. His father was a Blackhawk pilot and Search and Rescue pilot for the Coast Guard.  Brenden is gaining real world experience in Information Technology through his employment at Ball State’s Computing Services providing computer and application support for the entire campus. Newell is a volunteer to the Habitat For Humanity where he assisted in completing three new homes for needy families and is also a frequent blood donor with the American Red Cross. Newell joined the Indiana Air National Guard at Fort Wayne, Indiana in February of 2008 and attended technical school at Keesler AFB. His military awards include the USAF Basic Military Training Honor Graduate Ribbon, Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, and the National Defense Service Medal.
The Veterans Day Council of Indianapolis was formed in the mid-1960s to launch a citywide observance to honor veterans so that their deeds and sacrifices are not forgotten. The Council continues to work with civic and government leaders to maintain one of America’s largest salutes to veterans.

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