According to Jade Haag of the Paw Print-University of St. Francis’ newspaper, the school gave all that it has; from September 13 through November 15, 2010. This year USF hoped to raise 56,000 items of food (350 faculty and staff times 160 pounds) to give to the Community Harvest Food Bank. They had 7 weeks under their belt, with just a few weeks to go, “to get to their weight in food,” said Jade.

The entire school was participating; thirteen teams in all. Clubs got involved as well as the Resident Hall Association which used “Shanty Town” as a way to get more items for the food drive. Shanties sprang up on the east side of the University of St. Francis on Wednesday, October 13 creating a town in an effort to symbolize the plight of homelessness in the area. Participants were given an area along Leesburg Road, in addition to a roll of duct tape and several sheets of cardboard. The “homeless for the day” participants were expected to construct the shanties and spend the day in them, but electronic devices, like computers, were prohibited inside the shanty to increase the reality of a day in the life of a homeless person. Not only were people dropping off canned goods but they collected clothing for the Fort Wayne Rescue Mission as well.

In addition, Clare Hall Council sold pumpkins at their Harvest Party to raise funds for “Feed the Fort.” The remaining pumpkins were sold at the football game. Graduate Student Nurses Association set boxes out in the nursing commons to collect food. They also sent out mass emails to all graduate nursing students asking for donations. Different officers made announcements in their classrooms. The Public Relations Society had a lot of extra money in their account so they decided to donate the money to the drive. SIG-GRAPH had a contest. Whoever donated the most cans and/or money received a $25 gift certificate to Best Buy. SIG-GRAPH also trick or treated for cans with the Act One Drama Club and Student Nursing Association.

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