Elmhurst Trojans Carwash FundraiserOn Monday, April 13, 2010, Save Our School – Elmhurst (SOSEHS) reached their initial fundraising goal of $5,000 which enables them to retain their attorney and proceed with drafting a case against the closure of Elmhurst High School. They will immediately move into Phase II of fundraising activities to replenish the legal defense fund for additional costs that may be incurred as they move forward. As such, please continue to submit and/or collect donations and be on the lookup for notices of upcoming fundraisers from the SOSEHS group.

The Elmhurst group could never have reached this first fundraising goal in such a short period of time without the blessings of God, the hard work of the SOSEHS planning committee and volunteers and the generosity of many supporters. Thanks to everyone in Waynedale, Westfield, Indian Village and surrounding communities, as well as those motorists who were merely passing through from other parts of town, who donated their spare change, dollars and more. The small contributions of many add up quickly when everyone works together as a team.



*Peter’s Body Shop, Inc. for the use of their property, and water, to host a car wash fundraiser. Many volunteers worked tirelessly for six hours straight collecting an amazing total of $1,553.89.

*The core group of students of Elmhurst High School — you know who you are — who haven’t given up and supported every function and event of SOSEHS, the dedicated planning committee, and two enthusiastic student supporters from North Side and Northrop, for washing cars; donating, merchandising and selling flea market items; and collecting donations from motorists at such a rapid pace that proceeds had to be collected and counted hourly.

*Mr. James Hardy, Elmhurst alum, for donating autographed stat cards, photos and an NFL football that reads: WE ARE ELMHURST…TROJAN PRIDE! We have a small quantity of the stat cards and pictures remaining after selling most at the fundraiser on Saturday for donations of $10 and $25 respectively. The one-of-a-kind football is being made available to the public by silent auction.

*A family, who wishes to remain anonymous, whose contributions are without measure. From donating countless items for the campaign to designing and creating signs and posters to providing high-energy enthusiasm and the strongest of work ethics, this group of Elmhurst supporters can be counted on to serve the campaign at the drop of a hat.

*Darlene and Kevin for their dedication to do whatever needs to be done to help the SOSEHS campaign move forward including designing and donating fliers, researching and compiling data, hosting meetings, collecting donations door-to-door, washing cars all while maintaining a can-do attitude of Trojan pride.  This couple has spent many hours working behind the scenes on behalf of the Elmhurst family by seeking support from businesses and individuals.

*The unemployed gentleman residing in Indian Village who had not received his unemployment benefits that week, yet still gave all the change in his pockets as a donation to SOSEHS during our door-to-door canvassing in his neighborhood. Your courage and willingness to give to our campaign despite your current economic situation is an inspiration.

*Everyone who donated online via PayPal and those who contacted us via email offering their support by posting updates on their social networking websites, contacting friends and families and spreading the word about the ongoing campaign to prevent the closure of Elmhurst.

*Everyone who has asked to remain anonymous but has given generously behind the scenes through donations of cash, time and prayer.

*Bob Koop for his willingness to support the SOSEHS campaign by spreading the word throughout the Waynedale communities and beyond while collecting donations and enlisting others to collect donations on our behalf. Bob has also worked tirelessly to solicit support and publicity from local businesses and individuals while providing support and valuable input to the planning committee.

*Charlene for the tenacious internet research, blogging and emailing in support of the campaign.

*The Hayden family for donating and selling an automobile thereby generating $750 in proceeds for the SOSEHS legal defense fund.

*Advisors who have provided, and continue to provide, their wisdom, experience and guidance to the leadership of this campaign to ensure that the Elmhurst group makes choices that benefit the furtherance of the campaign.

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