In response to a recent scam involving tree trimming impersonators, Northern Indiana Public Service Company offers a few important reminders to help customers stay safe and avoid being scammed.

The victim, an 87-year-old Porter County resident, had $2,500 stolen from inside his home by two men claiming to be tree trimmers contracted by NIPSCO. One of the impersonators distracted the customer while the accomplice broke into the home. The two men would not show the customer any identification.

As part of the company’s ongoing electric reliability and tree trimming program, NIPSCO uses only nationally-recognized, insured and properly certified contractors to perform tree work along power lines. To clearly identify themselves as legitimate workers, all NIPSCO authorized tree contractor personnel always carry photo ID issued by their company. As an added measure, all contractor supervisors carry an additional NIPSCO issued photo ID.

“The safety of our customers and employees is always a top priority,” said Colleen Reilly, Director of Communications & Public Affairs for NIPSCO. “All NIPSCO employees and authorized tree trimming contractors are required to carry and display a company identification card and customers should always request to see company identification before allowing any NIPSCO employee into their home.”

Company identification cards include the NIPSCO logo, as well as the employee’s photograph, name and employee number. Other helpful tips include:
•Always ask for identification, which all NIPSCO employees and tree trimming contractors carry
•Report all suspicious individuals to the police immediately

If there is any doubt as to whether someone is conducting authorized NIPSCO business or not, their identity can be immediately verified by calling 1-800-4-NIPSCO (1-800-464-7726).
Additional information on NIPSCO’s tree trimming program, including a list of authorized tree contractors, may be found by visiting

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