The best thing about a suicide bomber is…he’ll never have the guts to do it again!


Judge Bobo

Judge Bobo, a deeply religious man who was well versed in the Bible, was aware that in the Old Testament, Joshua made the sun stand still.

Back during Prohibition, the good judge presided over a court in Decatur, Indiana, and one day a black man, by the name of Joshua, was hauled before him for bootlegging.

“Joshua,” the good-natured judge asked, “Are you the one who made the sun stand still?”

“No sir, Mr. Judge, ah’s duh one dat made da moonshine!


The St. Peter Principle

My years as an usher at St. Peter’s Catholic Church have taught me that if you’re late and the church seems packed there’s always room up front!


More than One

Many many years ago, when the world was comprised mostly of farms and small rural communities, the dumbest or goofiest person living in each town was referred to as “the village idiot,” and it was commonly thought that every village had one.

Today, many folks believe that most communities have a lot more than one! What do you think? Or is that an idiotic question?

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