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Great Food For All is being offered by Southwest Assembly of God, 7702 Smith Rd, Fort Wayne, just west of Waynedale at the corner of Smith and Lwr. Huntington Roads.


This low cost, high-quality, national and regional brand food program offers grocery relief through a monthly food distribution. There are NO income guidelines, or required applications.  The food is not “distressed” or out-dated. The menu changes each month for variety. Distribution Day is always on a Saturday.

Orders can be made on-line at www.greatfoodforall.com or you may order through Southwest Assembly of God during the order cycle on Mondays 9 to 10; Wednesdays 5 to 7; Fridays 9 to 11 and on distribution day. Specific dates to order are posted on the menus, which are available in the church’s driveway information box and at various locations throughout Waynedale. We are taking August menu orders through August 3rd.

We are looking for businesses, churches, and apartment complex offices that are willing to allow us to place menus for their customers and/or employee break rooms. In a hard economy you can help make a difference! If your business can help by allowing menu placement please call 260-760-2016.

For more information contact Edith Careins, Site Director at 206-747-9324 or 260-760-2016.  Other Great Food For All locations are Life Water Community Church, 5600 Westbreeze Trail, Fort Wayne, 432-3714 and the United Methodist Church, 11811 N. Wayne St. Zanesville, IN- 638-4108.

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