Mayor Tom Henry and Parks & Recreation Director Al Moll were joined by participants and supporters of the Lifetime Sports Academy for the opening day on Monday, June 8, in the 12th year of LSA.


“Lifetime Sports Academy is an outstanding summer sports program. It’s free and safe for youth participants and it is a priceless asset to the entire community,” said Mayor Henry. “Not only are children served by this seven-week program with talented coaches and instructors, but the whole community benefits from the healthy activities that come to McMillen Park each year. Our challenge is to create awareness for this wonderful opportunity.”

Kevin Donley, Head Football Coach for the University of Saint Francis and member of the LSA Organizing Committee, elevated the excitement of the event as he spoke about “The Importance of Sports.”

During the LSA session (June 8 – July 24), boys and girls ages 8 – 18 will receive free group lessons in golf, tennis and swimming instruction in a supervised environment. They may attend as often as they wish and stay as long as they’d like. A pavilion program provides arts, crafts and organized games. Special activities such as soccer, softball and volleyball will be organized at various times throughout the week for children not participating in a group lesson. Lunch is provided daily through Fort Wayne Community School summer lunch program.

The Eagle Club is a new golfing addition to LSA this year. Eagle Club membership includes a free membership at Foster Park Golf Course. Birdie Club members who are at least 14 years of age are eligible once they pass a scoring test at McMillen Golf Course and a written test. Eagle Club members are required to volunteer one day per week at LSA to maintain their playing privilege.

“More than 15,000 kids have learned lifetime sports here in the past 11 years,” said Al Moll, Director of Parks & Recreation. “This is a Parks & Recreation signature program that’s nationally recognized. Kids have the opportunity to earn golf clubs, tennis rackets and swimming gear throughout the program.”

Kids are welcome to register for Lifetime Sports Academy at any time during the seven weeks of activities. Call 427-6000 or visit <> for more information.

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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