Editors Note: Alyssa Fleming is going to college in Madrid Spain. Her grandparents live in Wayndale & they are sharing some of her E-mails with us.


Hello! I have SO much to tell! I just got back from spring break but this week has been so hectic with a midterm on Wednesday and trying to get back into the swing of school after an amazing week off!

Ok so the weekend before spring break, a couple of my friends and I decided to take a day trip to Toledo, a wonderful little city outside of Madrid that only takes 30 minutes to get to by train.

Apparently, Toledo was historically one of the cities that made swords for the Roman Army. So now the city is known for four things: Its swords that are in EVERY shop, its LOVELY intricately painted plates and pottery (little pure gold carvings that are beautiful) and marzipan (not sure how to explain it, it’s a sweet that to me tastes like compacted sugar). So we walked around the city all day, saw the cathedral and a free museum and a scenic overlook…fun stuff…but our lesson was learned that when taking a day trip, it is not necessary to make it a 12-hour event. 5-6 hours would have been more than enough :). In any case, we had a ton of fun and I hope to get pictures on the photobucket soon.

So the next week we were officially on SPRING BREAK. The break started a little rough since I live in university housing and they decided to evict us for spring break, meaning by 9am on Saturday we had to be gone. This caused a problem because our flight was significantly cheaper to travel on Sunday and therefore we had no home for a day. However, one of my roommates from last semester let us stow our luggage at her place and it was a BEAUTIFUL day in Madrid, so we sat at a park and I learned a little French for Paris 🙂 Then we spent the night in the airport which I would not suggest but since it was three of us and we took sleeping shifts, we were totally fine and then it was off to Paris!

Next I traveled to Morocco, first was Marrakech. My friend and I were super excited to be traveling to Africa for the first time in our lives, and to me it was like exploring a whole new world. Paris and Madrid are vastly different, but both big European cities with a Metro and highly developed buildings and the latest cars and clothes and everything. Morocco was so different from anything I have ever experienced. We made a joke while we were there because my roommate that lives there says everyone thinks they live in tents and ride camels, so I kept saying how I was waiting for the red bull camel to come…but there were camels and desert, and incredibly different architecture and Arabic writing. So then we took the 11-hour train to Tangier where I stayed at my friend’s house and ate amazing Moroccan food. I will try to get pictures up of my travels, but all the ones from Paris and Morocco are from my friends as my camera memory card began malfunctioning in Paris and I have yet to finish it but I will put up what pictures I have as soon as possible and the link for that again is s457.photobucket.com/albums/qq296/aflemin7/.


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Alyssa Fleming

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