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Web sites, e-mails make false promises of compensation from recently passed economic stimulus package


Attorney General Greg Zoeller is asking Indiana residents to be on guard for Internet and e-mail scams that tell consumers that they can qualify to receive payment from President Obama’s economic stimulus package.

“There are a number of scams circulating that promise consumers money or jobs from the economic stimulus package,” advised Zoeller. “These scams are designed to gain consumer bank account or credit card numbers through bogus Web site links, account information requests or e-mail attachments. Indiana consumers should be on guard when navigating the Web and should be extremely cautious when considering disclosing personal or financial information online.”

Since the passage of the economic stimulus, three different types of scams have been circulating the Internet. In one scam, the user is asked to provide bank account information so a portion of the stimulus money can be deposited into the consumer’s bank account.

In another scam, the scammer pretends to be a representative from a government agency and will ask the user to submit personal information online in order to verify their recipient status. If personal information is given, it can be used by the scammers to steal the user’s identity.

Lastly, scammers can instruct users to click on a link that leads them to a Web site hosting malicious code, which can potentially steal the user’s personal and financial information.


Tips for avoiding Internet scams:

•Never click on links or open e-mail attachments from people you do not know

•If the e-mail offers jobs, contact the company’s human resources department to ensure job openings

•Do not click on links contained within a spam e-mail, instead log on to the official Web site

•Do not disclose personal information in e-mail forms

•Check your credit card bills and bank statements for unauthorized charges monthly

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