Glazed, jelly-filled, chocolate, cinnamon, sprinkled, and blueberry are all doughnuts that the Future Business Leaders of America club members enjoy at early Thursday morning meetings. Though doughnuts are a yummy incentive, they are not the only factor which defines FBLA. Students join this popular club because of friends, the love of business, and, of course, the State competition held in Indianapolis. Junior Tim Stein could not agree more. “I decided to join FBLA because I wanted to learn more about business and take a trip to State to hang out with friends.”

“I joined FBLA last year and it was one of the best experiences!” exclaimed sophomore Kelsey Norris.

On March 13, 14, and 15, moderator Matthew Lazarro will take his FBLA students down to Indianapolis for State that will be held in the Sheraton Hotel. Students from across Indiana will compete in business-related events, all with the hopes of advancing to Nationals. “I am participating in Public Speaking II because it is challenging and an adrenaline rush,” claimed senior Sheila Hite.

As for junior Erin Conroy, she chose events that she can easily relate to and that will help her prepare for her future. “I am doing Accounting I because I have already taken the class. I am also doing Interview as practice for the real world.”

Many of the members of FBLA have gone to State before. Therefore, there is pressure to come out strong and do well. As for junior Patricia Skordos, she is not letting the stress get to her. “I have been to State before so I am not nervous. There is just nothing to be nervous about.”

Thougah State is a challenging competition, students are using their time away to have fun, create memories, and make lasting friendships. Freshman Samantha Eckrich has high hopes for her three-day State trip. “I am most looking forward to a fun and enjoyable experience, as well as getting to know more people at Luers.”

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