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There was a young Indian brave who always wanted to play and be accepted by the other young braves. The games of horsemanship were his favorite. His pony he named Autumn, for he had all the beauty and magic of the season.

He learned when he was very young to listen to the sounds around him, that his environment was his teacher. He knew how to make the sounds of the Wind and the sounds of the Wolf, Bear, Buffalo, Eagle and his cousin the Hawk. He had much wisdom and was often asked to sit in council with the elders for his insight.

He was a young brave of 20 Green Earth Seasons. His throat, however, looked like that of a very old man. It is a belief among the people that he could rub his throat and make the sounds of any animal. He was the one the Creator sent to Mother Earth to teach the animals the sounds of man. He would always rub his throat when communicating with them, sometimes with both hands.

One day children heard and watched him talking to the wolves. They learned that the sound came from his throat, but it was first formed in his heart.

Now Old Throat has gone to the Spirit World, but his voice he has left with the Wolf. Let us listen to him and learn before it is too late.


Rev. Thomas Dancing Feather Ebbing
(from “Song Eternal” by Dancing Feather)

The Waynedale News Staff

Rev. Thomas Dancing Feather Ebbing

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