On the ballot this November there will be an important question regarding the assessing responsibilities for your property. Referendum #1, will ask “do you want your township assessing responsibilities to be transferred to the County Assessor.” I hope you will vote “NO”, and here is why:
There is no change to the amount of work that must be done. It will take just as many people to complete the work. (No dollars saved.)
Assessing must be completed by people who are “State Certified” per Indiana Code.
The bottom line is: The same number of people will be needed to do the same amount of work, it’s just an issue of which office the work will be done in. What you have to ask yourself is: who will serve me/my property best?
Allen County has a total of 150,000 properties or parcels, of those, 49,000 are in Wayne Township. Out of a total of 92 Counties in Indiana, Wayne Township has more parcels than 74 of those counties. Needless to say, that is a lot of work and a huge area to be responsible for. I have willingly taken on that responsibility, surrounding myself with knowledgeable, efficient, State certified individuals, with over 70 years of combined experience, who want to continue serving the people of Wayne Township. Each voter will have to decide if they will be “best served” by an office where the elected official and majority of staff lives in that Township as your neighbor or by people who just live in the same county. Are you “best served” as being one of 150,000 or 49,000? I believe we have done a fantastic job in the past year and a half. I believe we have served the property owners of Wayne Township fairly, efficiently and accurately. I am asking you for the opportunity to continue the work we have started. If you agree, please vote “NO” to keep your township.
Beverly Zuber, Wayne Township Assessor

The Waynedale News Staff
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