We have some every exciting events going on this year. To check us out you can go to our website
You will find out what the girls and leaders are up to and most of the events that are going on in the Waynedale and Foster Park area.

Look for fliers going out to the schools in September with some events that are going on. In October we are having a fun in the park twilight camp at the Southwest Conservation Club on October 4th from 4pm-9pm
Cost is $4.00 for members and $14.00 for non members $10.00 for Girl Scout membership.

We will have pizza pudgy pies and lots of fun with first aid, orienteering, and learning about nature and exploring the world around you. Every girl will get to complete a badge that day and then have help to be placed with a troop in their area.

Daisy k-1st Brownies 2nd-3rd Juniors 4th -5th

If you have questions about Girl Scouts please call Joyce Sampson at 760-4384 or Laura Burnett 747-8230.

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