If you have potted plants that need to be re-potted or if you have plants directly planted in the ground that you are planning to bring into the house this winter, then you need to re-pot them all, right now. The worst thing you can do for your plants is to wait until the end of summer, just before frost, then re-pot and move them directly into the house. This would put your plants into shock. Take advantage of the nice summer weather to get your newly re-potted plants acclimated to their new containers before you take them inside the house.

Let’s just take a guess that the weather is going to get cool around September 15th. If you re-pot today, you will have around 4 weeks or maybe even longer if the weather holds out, to allow your plants to get ready for the move into the house where the conditions are never as good as outside. Ideally, 6 weeks or more is the best amount of time for re-adjustment so getting the job done today is essential.

Plants that are in the ground need to be dug up and trimmed at the same time that you are planting them into their new pots. Consider that any vining/trailing type plants should be placed into a pot large enough to also hold a trellis for supporting the vines as they re-grow. Please, do not make the mistake of bringing in and trying to keep those absolutely beautiful vining plants continuing without cutting them back. If these plants look so great now…well then I give you permission to NOT do anything to them until the last minute. Why loose 6 to 8 to maybe even 10 more weeks of beauty just because Doug says you should do things today…I would not touch my Mandevilla vine at this time either.

At the time you are doing all of this re-potting and pruning, keep an eye out for insects. In fact, after you do the re-potting, etc. get yourself an insect spray, or make your own, and spray your plants every other week to be sure that you are not carrying insects into the house. Insecticides can be purchased as a liquid that you mix with water and spray, or as an aerosol spray ready to use, or an environment friendly pump spray. If you would like to make your own insecticide, simply mix into a quart jar: 1 cup rubbing alcohol, 1 oz. vegetable oil, 1 TBL Tabasco sauce and 1 teaspoon liquid dishwashing soap, then fill the quart jar to the top with water and spray.

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