•Have lights to all entrances of your residence or business.
•Have a viewer put in your door.
•Never open the door to anyone except for the front door, and only when they are known.
•Ensure that you have locks on all exterior doors and windows and use them.
•Do not use your full name on your mailbox, telephone directory or answering machine.
•Do not leave a schedule of times you will be gone on your answering machine.
•Get to know your neighbors and find out which ones you can depend on.
•Don’t hide keys—criminals are wise as to where you hide them.
•Ask for photo ID’s for all repair persons. Call their employment if they do not have them.
•Lock the door leading from the outside of the house into the garage. Most break-ins occur at this door.
•Never leave your garage door open, even if you are at home.
•Never hitchhike and never pick up hitchhikers.
•Keep your hands as free as possible when on the street or sidewalk.
•Stay alert. Never read while walking on the street or sidewalk.
•Do not wear headphones while jogging.
•If possible, avoid using a purse. Use a fanny-pack or your pockets.
•Avoid carrying more cash or credit cards than you need.
•Stay alert to your surroundings and vehicle while walking to it.
•Use a keyless entry if possible and lock your doors immediately.
•Always park in well-lit areas and never next to large vehicles. Never leave valuables in the vehicle, lock them in the trunk if necessary.
•Keep all doors locked and windows mostly rolled up while driving.
•Pay attention at all stoplights and signs for the approach of someone.
•Never let someone use your phone to call for help, do it for them.
•Only leave the ignition key when having the vehicle serviced.
•If you think arming yourself is necessary, make sure you are proficient with the weapon, and never leave it in a dresser drawer.
•Invest in a cell phone.
•Never allow your gas to go below one quarter of a tank.
•Invest in an alarm system, and/or a video system that monitors the front door and driveway. This may be deductible from your insurance.
•Instruct other members of family not to brag about the alarm systems or the pass codes.
•Buy a safe and store all your valuables in it. Instruct others not to divulge its location.
•Keep a list of your valuables, appliances and electronics handy. Write all information that may help identify it.

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