The City’s flood control project south of Foster Park has temporarily closed a portion of the Rivergreenway. While the Foster Park loop will remain open, the Rivergreenway between Hartman Road and the Airport Expressway remains closed to all trail users through the rest of 2008.

The flood control project is due to be completed by late October this year, but work on the Rivergreenway will likely keep the area closed until early spring 2009, depending on the weather. The Rivergreenway will have a new and improved look when the area opens again.

In the meantime, Rivergreenway users are encouraged to use the two-mile loop that traverses Foster Park. This portion of the Rivergreenway is one of the most popular areas in the City.

For more information, call 427-6002.

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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