Speakers Lunch invites Dave Stronczek-Golden Apple Award winner


It is much more than a selection of great books. Canterbury School’s Spring Book Fair is a marketplace of books, fine art and culture. It is open to the public Tuesday through Thursday, April 22-24, 2008, from 8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

The book fair features not only the top reading materials for students of all ages and adults, but original paintings from favorite local artists. Artists are on hand during the fair as Gallery Guests to talk about their work.

More than 20 Gallery Guests create a lively atmosphere. This year’s guests include author Mary Quigley, author Barbara Morrow, artists Mary Montgomery, George Alatza and Joni Walker, illustrator/author Claire Ewart and Indiana’s NewsCenter anchor Melissa Long.

“The ongoing presentations of cultures and artists/authors throughout the Spring Book Fair create a marketplace atmosphere, ” said Helen Burkart Presser, Canterbury Lower School librarian. Cultural highlights include presentations on Africa by Ra’Chelle Spearman, France by Brigitte Martin, Ireland by Sharen Gall, Mexico by Patti Kuelling, and Liberia by Kevin VandenAkker, Canterbury High School diversity teacher. Nancy and Dan Hamlin will tell their story from a trip to England about Beatrix Potter country.

“Volunteers select the books and staff the entire book fair,” added Presser. A committee of parents and teachers chooses all of the books for Canterbury’s Spring Book Fair. More than 35 categories, including specialized books for each grade level-from kindergarten to fourth grade and middle school, are selected by parents, teachers and the Lower School and Middle School librarians. “We have books from historical fiction to fine arts, new and extraordinary books, the classics and special books for grandparents,” said Shelby Lamm, parent and book fair chairperson.

Two lunches will take place from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on Tuesday, April 22, and Wednesday, April 23, during the book fair. They are open to the public. Childcare is available for a fee.

At the lunches, a panel of experts discusses literature recommendations for various reading levels. This informal speakers’ lunch is a favorite among parents. Tuesday’s speakers will address new books for early childhood through grade four readers. Beth Laipple, Kindergarten teacher, talks about picture books and easy readers for children up to grade two. Canterbury’s Presser; Jane Berner, Kindergarten Prep teacher; and Sabrina Minser, Lower School computer teacher; discuss their recently published book, Curriculum Connections for Tree House Travelers for Grades K-4. Barbara Pingree will lead a discussion of books that transition from picture books to novels. On Wednesday, Dave Stronczek, fourth grade teacher and Golden Apple Award winner, makes his recommendations for fourth-and fifth-grade level books. Sharon Fallon, Canterbury’s Middle School librarian, presents her list of books for the fifth-eighth grader, and Judy Pursley discusses current selections of adult book club books.


To attend either luncheon, please make a reservation by e-mail to For more information about the book fair and presentations please contact

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