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I have a new home entertainment center. Well, it’s not really new from the store but it is new for 2008 sports entertainment year. It is an old AM radio that has been on my workbench for the past fifteen years.

During the holiday, and after a great meal of turkey and all the trimmings, I sat back in my easy chair to watch one of my favorite teams, the Indianapolis Colts. You guessed it, I have cable TV and it was not available through cable. It was only available on something called the NFL Network. I thought, oh well, IU and Purdue will both be playing basketball this weekend, so I was still looking forward to watching them. Oops fooled again. They were only available on something called the Big Ten Network.

I can remember when there was only air TV. The cable companies came in (pay TV) and their selling point was that you could watch almost unlimited channels, all commercial free. How times have changed.

Does anyone think that the powers that be (Big Ten, NFL, Cable TV) care anything for the fans? They will hold your favorite games hostage for a year so that some sports fans will be begging to pay for their favorite teams.


Five reasons AM radio is better than TV.

5. You can change the oil in your car and not miss any of the action.

4. You can go to the fridge for your favorite beverage and take the game with you.

3. No eye strain watching that over-bright, huge high-def image.

2. No out of pocket money, as everyone has an AM radio somewhere.

And the number 1 reason to listen to your favorite games on the radio.

It keeps the greedy billionaires out of your back pocket.

The Waynedale News Staff
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