Fort Wayne Derby Girls flat-track roller derby league is hosting the first roller derby tournament in Indiana’s history. Six teams in addition to two teams from Fort Wayne will participate in a full day of rough and tumble roller derby action. This tournament will put the national spotlight on Fort Wayne by bringing in regional and national roller derby leagues.

The following leagues have been secured for the tournament: Detroit Derby Girls from Detroit, Michigan, ranked 8th in the nation; Grand Raggidy Rollergirls from Grand Rapids, Michigan; Rockford Rage from Rockford, Illinois; Cincinnati Rollergirls from Cincinnati, Ohio; Hammer City from Hamilton, Ontario; and Chicago Outfit from Chicago, Illinois.

The Coliseum doors open at 8:30am to the general public and the action starts at 9am. The Championship round will start at 6:00 pm. Tickets are $12 and are on sale at or at the Coliseum box office.

In addition to tournament play, the day will feature an open scrimmage session with skaters from Indianapolis, Bloomington, Chicago, Southern Indiana, Missouri and Kentucky. And, the first ref jam in history will take place in the afternoon before the finals begin. Refs from all over the country will get their chance to shed their stripes and get in on the roller derby action.

Proceeds from the 50/50 raffle will be donated to Windy City Roller Tequila Mockingbird, who sustained a paralyzing injury on the derby track in August. To find out more, visit For more information please visit website at


About Fort Wayne Derby Girls Inc.

Roller derby, once a common sport in mid-’70s, has staged a comeback. Fort Wayne is at the pinnacle of Indiana’s roller derby resurgence. Since the birth of the state’s first all-female, flat track roller derby league in January of 2006, the league has donated over $25,000 to local women and children’s charity. The league has grown to two home teams of local women, as well as a traveling all-star team, the Bomb Squad. The league embodies the strength, courage, and vitality of Fort Wayne women, and serves to provide another form of athletic entertainment to the Summit City.

The Waynedale News Staff

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