Have you ever felt that life gets kind of hectic at times? That you’ve just got to get away? Busy-busy-busy – and on and on it goes.

I can help. God knows I want to be of help to you. But God knows you also need to help yourself. God knows I need your help and so do others. What do you say we help one another?

Ok, here is what you can do to help yourself. Take a time-out and come with me. I will play a song just for you on my Native American flute. You will receive a gift by coming, a gift from God. Yes! God will bless you. Will you come with me?  Here is where we are going together.

North Ridge Village Nursing Home, November 10th, 2 p.m to 3 p.m. This will be an hour of fun for you, I promise. You have my word. Remember? God knows I want to help you. Will you help bring a little sunshine?  Can you come and sing? Play a musical instrument? Or just come and bring a smile. Can you? Will you? Call me … Thomas, at 260-636-2269.


From my heart,


Dancing Feather

The Waynedale News Staff

Rev. Thomas Dancing Feather Ebbing

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