Have you ever wondered where the photo of Aunt Pearl singing at your nephew’s wedding is stored on your hard drive? You know it’s there, but the folder eludes you.

If this and other serious missing photo issues keep you from sleeping at night, try Google’s free software Picasa. This freeware which works with every operating system from 98 to Vista is just what you need to locate, organize, edit and share every photo on your drive.

As soon as you open Picasa it locates each picture on your computer, and be careful, some you may have forgotten are there. It sorts them by date and name. You can then drag, drop and organize them into folders that make sense to you.

Picasa also has basic as well as advanced editing fixes that allow you to enhance, correct, crop, rotate and label.

Have you seen photos on EBay and wondered why some are too dark, sideways, or the description says red, but the photo is maroon? All these can easily be corrected with a little practice and free software download from Google.

It also works with email, when you save attachments; Picasa automatically locates and organizes them. If on the other hand you accidentally delete, format or somehow wipe your drive, don’t despair. We have some great recovery tools, and have saved a couple of marriages by recovering photos that never got backed up.

If you find yourself in this position, stop by Computer Genius and see if it’s recoverable. If it’s not serious and you just want to get organized, you can find this and many more useful tools at If you run across what you consider a tool worth sharing, send it to us at

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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