Rex and Vivian Drennen and their family are striving to continue the rich tradition of making fresh pasteurized apple cider for our community.  The Drennen’s purchased apple equipment from Bill and Cheryl Donaghy, including the apple press that was used at Donaghy’s Orchard of Ossian and was originally from Dick and Edie Myers of Myers Orchard on 116 East. The Drennen’s are using Bill Donaghy’s cider recipe which has gained many loyal customers over the years.  Rex and Vivian get their apples from an Indiana apple orchard and press it at the Pumpkin Kingdom fresh each week.  The cider is available at the Pumpkin Kingdom in Southern Wells County at 6310 W 1100 S-90, Montpelier, Indiana on Tuesday through Saturday 10am to 6pm, Sunday 1pm-5pm or at the Bluffton Farmer’s Market indoors beside Subway on Saturdays 9am to noon.

This year Rex and Vivian have begun bringing fresh picked high quality fruit into the community beginning with strawberries in late May, summer apples, peaches and blueberries in the summer months and apples in the fall. The Drennen’s also raise a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables from their own farm including sweet corn, tomatoes, peppers, bedding plants, squash and pumpkins as well as honey from their own hives and hope to plant apple trees soon to start their own orchard. The orchard would enhance their established farm market and provide another avenue for educational tours which are now principally about pumpkins. The Drennen’s know their new apple cider business will only survive with community support and hope that people will be willing to come out to the farm or visit the farmers market in Bluffton to purchase their products.  “This has been a large investment for us in time, effort and finances and we need good sales to keep the cider tradition going in our community” states Vivian Drennen.

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