I have been walking with a walker since my back surgery, and a nurse’s aide or therapist follows behind with a wheelchair, just in case I become tired and weak, not having the strength to carry on. I am getter stronger day by day, and soon I will not need the walker. I will be able to walk unattended.

The Way Shower will guide me and strengthen me.

You know who the Way Shower is, right?

Yes, He is the one that all we must do is call upon His name and He will fill us with His love and guide us on our earth walk.

And when our journey ends upon Mother Earth, we will arrive at our destination.

You do know where you are going to arrive if you follow The Way Shower, don’t you? It sure is going to be hell if you don’t.


Rev. Thomas Dancing Feather

The Waynedale News Staff

Rev. Thomas Dancing Feather Ebbing

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