Spring season is the busiest time of the year for people in the gardening industry and especially this year since the weather has been nothing but perfect here in Fort Wayne. For many years my wife, kids and grandkids would go to Waynedale to attend the Memorial Day parade and I wouldn’t go since I opened at 10:00 a.m. and figured that I could not get to work on time. Each year I would hear the parade as the sirens from the fire trucks and the police cars blared and then before you knew it, my family was back home around 9:45. So then I decided that if I could be back by 9:45, then I also could attend the parade.

How exciting it was to see all of the kids standing on the sides of the street waiting in total anticipation of this glorious event. Families with coolers sitting in lawn chairs lined Old Trail Road from McArthur Street all the way to the Prairie Grove Cemetery waving American flags and visiting with neighbors that sometimes only meet one time a year-during the parade.

And then it begins at 9:00 a.m. sharp! Fire trucks, police cars, high school bands, Legions, antique cars, business vehicles, pre-schools, girl and boy scouts and tiny children riding bicycles and battery-powered cars come slowly down the street throwing candy at the kids on the sidelines and those kids scurrying to get all the candy they can get. What a sight!

Watching the Waynedale parade for a few years, I asked the family if they wanted to be a part of the event by actually being in the parade. They said, “Yes!” So Broadview made up a colorful float of red, white and blue petunias with two park benches for the family to sit on as they tossed candy and “wooden nickels” to the kids and the “older kids” on the street. My wife and I walked beside and behind the float passing out roses and carnations to as many of the ladies as we could. What a workout this was for both of us. The parade seems to be creeping along at a slow pace but try keeping up with your vehicle while talking to people and friends along the way.


We had a great time and are already making plans for next years float.

The Waynedale News Staff

Doug Hackbarth - Broadview Florist & Greenhouses

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