Some people actually wonder why Scouts and Scouters invest so much time and effort in our program. It’s actually for a large variety of reasons, but at least two local residents are just glad that we do devote that time.

Joan Phillips devoted a beautiful mid-April weekend to attend the Miami Districts “New Leader Essentials” training. This training is basic and introductory instruction in outdoor skills including camping, campfire cooking, nature, and first aid. Joan was fortunate to have Brian Rowe, who has spent time as a certified EMT, as her First Aid instructor.

Less than two weeks after that training weekend, Joan was at work at Omni Source Corporate Headquarters at 7:45 AM. A coworker started choking. There were six people in the office at that time. Four people did not know how to respond. As Joan witnessed her co-worker’s lips turning blue she was able to successfully execute the Heimlich maneuver and most likely save that persons life. As Joan herself stated, “If that had happened two weeks earlier, there would have been one more person that didn’t know what to do.”

Way to go Joan! And you thought that your training was simply a part of your position with Troop #22 at Southwest Conservation Club.

It was also a nice spring day that found 11-year old Boy Scout Michaael Davenport playing ball with a half dozen other youth. Michael noticed one boy bent over struggling for air. Michael approached the boy and asked if he was O.K. It was obvious that he was not O.K., since he was bent over gasping for breath and turning red. Michael performed a Heimlich maneuver that produced a large wad of taffy. With the aplomb that only a six year old could muster, the victim placed the taffy back in his mouth while he yelled, “Michael’s hurting me.”

Michael first received his first aid instruction while attending Cub Scout Resident Camp with Pack #3460. Scouter Lou Parsons instructed Michael in First Aid.

Way to go, Michael! Troop #460 can be quite proud of a Scout like yourself.


We all are.

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