by Mae Julian


I have taken it upon myself to see to it that the babies in the family get quilts when they are born. I did the same for the ER nurses at work. I originally requested a picture of the baby with the quilt, but, being like I am, that fell by the wayside by my lassitude.

My youngest grandchild, Lulu, has loved her quilt to death…almost literally, if a quilt has a life. I thought it was time, since she was not about to put it to rest or give it a proper burial, to dig out the same fabric, and make her a new “froggy.” So, I took to my sewing room, neglecting my needlepoint which has kept me occupied for the last couple of years, and made her a new “froggy.” Poor new froggy. It was not only regarded as an evil intruder into her relationship with the old froggy that I am sure it has now been stuffed into some space unknown and may not ever be retrieved.

That got me to thinking of beloved old things. Like friends. Old friends. There is nothing in the world I would take for my old friends. Opie, Nancy, Betsy and Billie. They have provided me with a base as dear to me as froggy is to Lulu. If I were offered a new friend, like say, Brittany Whatshername, for any of my old friends the answer would be no! My old friends may have their warts, scars, and weather beaten bodies and faces, much as my own, but I wouldn’t trade them for all the world. They will still be with me when they pack dirt on my tired old bones. Until then, I hope nobody gets the bright idea that they can replace one of them. I would turn my nose up just as Lulu did. You can’t replace an old friend. Many happy spring days.

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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