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The Elmhurst High School fall production will be Bram Stoker’s drama DRACULA as dramatized by‑Hamilton Deane and John Balderston.‑Production dates are Friday, November 4th and Saturday, November 5th with a 7:30pm curtain time.‑Tickets are $5.00.

DRACULA is based on Bram Stoker’s famous novel which has been read‑by generations of booklovers.‑It has run through countless editions and still ranks as one of the best sellers. The story is about Lucy Seward, daughter of the physician in charge of a sanatorium near London, who is mysteriously afflicted with anemia.‑Doctor Van Helsing, a specialist in obscure diseases, suspects a vampire, which, according to legend, is an ugly soul that, grave-bound by day, roams the earth at night, and sustains its earthly life by sucking the blood of approachable victims.‑Instituting a search, Van Helsing uncovers Count Dracula as such a vampire and, finding the grave, drives a stake through the heart of the corpse from which he comes, thus ending the vampire’s existence.

We have a very talented cast and crew for this production. The main characters are Luke Somers as Dracula, Jack Schnellenberger as Dr. Van Helsing, Peter Schnellenberger as Jonathan Harker, Zach Cook as Dr. Seward, Joe Petit as Renfield, Paul Berghoff as Butterworth, Elizabeth Burris as Miss Wells, Nathan Driscoll as the Attendant, Kayla Chandler as Lucy Seward and Jennifer Hodgin as Mina Weston.‑Nora Baskin‑is the student stage manager.‑ Bethany Sipes is our student assistant and running crew lead.‑Mr. Don Goss is the set designer.

Directed by the Drama and Speech Coach for Elmhurst, Mrs. Maggie Hunter is thrilled to be directing this version of Dracula.‑We have an Adopt-A-Thespian program for anyone who is interested in helping out the drama department pay their bills and other expenses.‑ If any business in the community would like to advertise in our program, please contact Mrs. Hunter at‑432-1513 with details.

We hope to fill the auditorium with students, family, friends, faculty, staff and the community to see this spine-tingling, edge-of-your-seat drama.‑Watch out for surprises and thrills when you come to the theatre to see Elmhurst’s production of‑DRACULA.

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