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Strahm Group, Inc. has moved to 4334 Ardmore Avenue in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The newly refurbished facility was designed and remodeled by Strahm which specializes in the design and construction of interiors for businesses of any type or size.

At more than 22,000 square feet and 7 acres of land, the new location gives the company more efficient office, warehousing and room to expand. It also gives customers a look at both Strahm’s own abilities and the products they use. Jeff Graves, president of Strahm Group, Inc. explains, “Everything in the building is from one of our trusted suppliers…from the dry wall and flooring to the furnishings and window treatments. It’s a virtual showplace for what we can bring to life for our clients.”

In business for more than 70 years, Strahm Group, Inc. manages remodeling projects from start to finish – design, planning, construction, painting, flooring and furniture installation. SGI has a staff of more than 100 employees including award-winning designers, experienced project managers and skilled craftsmen. To find out more, call Strahm Group, Inc. at 260-489-1575 or go online to www.sgiinc.com.

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