Some have gone to the most respected elders of the Native community and counseled with them.‑ Some were put up on the mountain for a period of time to seek their vision and their purpose for their life’s journey.‑ This is a good thing and it will always work and have positive affects for the seeker.‑ Why?‑you ask.‑ Well, it is quite simple.‑ The elders are men and women who lead‑a prayerful life.‑ They will help and guide you so that you may have balance, harmony, peace, love, a joy-filled heart and respect for yourself and all God’s creation.‑

When I think of the vision quest, I’m reminded of the teachings of my mother and father who taught me to seek first the Kingdom of God.‑ They taught by example and the good way they lived their lives.‑ Now they live in Heaven.‑ I have a vision of them there, and my vision is good and complete.‑ My prayer now is that you will join me‑in saying a gratitude prayer, for we have an elder brother, you and I, that we can call on 24/7.‑ All we need to do is knock, ask, and have faith, and we will be guided by Jesus.‑ Thy Kingdom has come into our hearts, and our vision is … Oh!‑ I need say no more as we look, feel, see, taste, and hear.‑ The Light.‑ The Light of Christ, our Savior.


With Love and Respect,

Rev. Thomas Dancing Feather Ebbing

The Waynedale News Staff

Rev. Thomas Dancing Feather Ebbing

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