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Elmhurst High School Athletic Director Julie Hollingsworth mentioned that her brother Dave Hollingsworth had co-authored a book with his friend Steve Waite called Rivalry Saturday. She loaned the book to The Waynedale News so that I might take a look at his work.

The book is about two college football fans that decide to spend an entire college football season trying to attend every rivalry football game possible. The two found 85 rivalry games within the scope of the 2004 college football season and decided to choose 18 of them.
Their first challenge was to convince their wives to let them go. Steve convinced his wife Amy almost immediately. Dave ‘horse swapped’ with his wife Carol. She wanted a built-in swimming pool and he wanted a college football odyssey, so over a lot of wine and an endless stream of Captain Morgan and Cokes, they traded even up.
Steve is a writer who likes to research and Dave is a researcher who yearns to write and they found that to be a beautiful balance. Both have an unbridled passion for the game of college football.
Dave and Steve wrote this book from a different point of view than other sports books. They are college football fans, so it is from a fans perspective rather than from a sports writer’s perspective. They didn’t want the special parking, the catered food, and the ‘boiler plate’ statistics that are passed out to sportswriters during the games. They wanted to experience the sights sounds smells and most importantly the people that make college football magical.
After 18 games, 14 weekends, and 39,000 miles traveled they have put together a book that is a great read for anyone, especially college football fans.

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