I will always remember way back when,
I was but a boy in years, but thought me quite a man,
How we used to horse and buggy through the mud roads lined with trees
To the socials and big meetings and the country spelling bees.


I remember how we’d labor on the farm from morn’ to night.
Perhaps we’d have half a dollar to spend in town on Saturday night.
I remember how we’d swagger up and down the Avenue
Smoking Sweet Caps and winking at the girls that looked at you.


I will always remember the night I met the girl
With eyes as black as elderberries, hair done up in corkscrew curls.
How I stammered when I asked her to see her home that night,
Then my joy and consternation when she told me that I might.


And after I had seen her for fifty times or more,
The night I said, “It’s ten o’clock, I’d better go,” and started for the door.
When I reached the portals wide, I turned with a shy, “Good night.”
Ah me, but she looked lovely standing there beneath the light.


She answered me so soft and low that I could scarcely hear.
Just as I stepped out on the porch she whispered, “Goodnight Dear.”
I can’t forget how my young heart turned over in my breast
And thumped against my ribs so loud, it almost split my vest.


I never saw the moon so bright shining o’r the lee.
And the stars, they seemed to wink at me as they twinkled merrily.
Oh, but the old world looked beautiful, and wasn’t I filled with joy!
It was just that old, old miracle, I was in love, Oh Boy!


And then I still remember when she said she’d be my wife,
To share my joys and sorrows and to love me all her life.
I met her at the altar where I claimed her for my bride.
The girl I won so long ago has never left my side.


Down through the years filled with sunshine and shadows,
Sharing and caring through a long and happy life,
She is a living example of what God has intended
When He made the first women to be a man’s wife.

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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