STAR Financial Bank announces that customers traveling south for the winter months can now access some 900 ATM machines – completely free of charge.

These ATMs are part of the Presto! ATM Network is located in Publix Supermarkets throughout the Southeastern United States.

Over 600 of these ATMs are located in the state of Florida alone, and all offer 24-hour access to STAR depositor funds without paying a fee. Normally, fees are charged by banks when a customer uses what is termed a “non-network” ATM machine – a machine not owned by the customer’s bank. A customer using a non-network ATM is typically charged a fee by both banks – the customer’s bank and the bank that owns the ATM. Now, with STAR’s affiliation with the Presto! ATM Network, both charges are waived.

“This is great news for ‘snowbirds’ heading to Florida for the winter,” said STAR Financial Bank President Jim Marcuccilli. “It’s another way we can provide an added value for our customers. Even though they may be a thousand miles away in sunny Florida, STAR Bank is still with them providing banking services. We’re very excited about this new program.”

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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