As you read baseball history some stories surface that tell about a players bad days at the ballpark. Warren Spahn said that baseball is the history of people failing.

Thus was the case for Joe Freynick’s, May 16, 1967 game while playing for Fort Lauderdale in the Florida State League.

First Joe was called up to umpire third base as one of the regular umpires was injured. This has happened several times in both Minor and Major League when an umpire was injured, unable to make a game (transportation problems) or the league president failed to schedule.

He received a hard time from his players for his umpiring and was assigned to pinch hit in the ninth inning. He drove in a run with an infield roller but his team lost 4-3.

After the game was over Freynick was called into the baseball office and told he was being sent off to a special camp for extra players from the Yankees and several other clubs with his future definitely in doubt. Now that was a bad day at the ballpark. That’s the way I saw it.

The Waynedale News Staff

Denver Howard

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