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My family and I moved to Fort Wayne from Birmingham, Alabama about three months ago. This includes my wife, six children, and my elderly parents. We bought a house in the Arcola community. I moved here to assume the pastoral care of Fort Wayne Primitive Baptist Church, located on Nuttman Avenue adjacent to the new Brooklyn Medical Associates building, which is under construction. The church was constituted in the early 1920’s but has never had a full time pastor before me. In the early 90’s the church declined to two active members; however they remained faithful and even made many improvements to the interior of the building. At present the church has around twenty-five members, all of whom are dedicated and united in their desire to worship God in truth. For several months I flew here from Alabama almost every weekend to preach while I considered the call to serve as pastor. I was blessed to baptize six new members during this time. We just finished adding new sidewalks to the front and rear entrances and hope to improve the appearance of the front entrance soon.

Also, we’re discussing installing a nice sign in front of the building adjacent to the road. The church meets every Sunday at 10:30am and we are thinking about adding a Thursday night meeting at least a couple of times each month. We welcome visitors from the community to come and worship with us.


Buddy Abernathy Jr.
2602 Eme Road

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