Dear Mae Julian, 

Dear Mae,

I loved your dandelion story in the last issue of The Waynedale News.‑‑Many people believe, people like us who love dandelions are odd ducks, but they’re the blind ones.‑ God created a symphony of color for us by creating all the different colored plants and living things.‑ Monet would never have chosen to paint a modern “all green,” yard because it would be so lacking in color and it would be boring.‑ Photon’s reflected from each plant combine in‑unique harmony that requires all of its parts.‑ As spring transforms into summer nature’s natural colors keep changing while modern green yards stay the same.‑ When I drive by today’s “Better Homes and Gardens,” lawn I see, but one color and‑that’s like listening to one note.‑ Besides that, Cousin Fay says dandelion greens are good to eat if the picker and cooker know how it’s done.

Love Ya,


To The Editor,

Something has bothered me for sometime, ever since the gas prices starting going sky-high. Can anyone tell me why the gas stations in the Waynedale area, Marathon, BP, Speedway, and Clark and Lassus are all anywhere from 8 to 12 cents a gallon higher in their prices compared to other stations around us. Even those in the Aboite area are lower than these.

I try to patronize the Waynedale businesses. I’ve lived here 30 years, but at close to $2/gallon, saving money where you can, makes more sense to me. I’m sure there are others who have noticed this discrepancy and would like an answer as well.

Pat Parr

The Waynedale News Staff
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