Doctor B. ended last week’s “Here’s To Your Health,” article by saying, “I would not say this at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, but this is not an AA meeting, it’s a scientific presentation!” AA does not discuss, nicotine or any other outside issue during their meetings. Bill W and Dr. Bob promised AA was an effective solution for chronic alcoholism and that’s no small matter, but all else except alcohol, is an outside issue!

If people in recovery for alcoholism and addiction are smoking cigarettes they’re playing with their life because it’s the number one killer of recovering alcoholics. We’re looking at a major health problem here, and no sane person can deny it. Ninety percent of the people in recovery who relapse are smokers, but unless a person is staying at a qualified treatment facility, the alcoholism should be treated first and others later. According to the book Alcoholics Anonymous it’s one war at a time, but if a person is enrolled at a qualified treatment center, and they are on a proper high protein-amino acid diet, experiencing normal sleep cycles with low stress, and are under constant care; it’s possible to detoxify them for everything at once.

If by age thirteen children regularly smoke cigarettes in isolation and they have their own supply, there’s a one hundred percent chance they will abuse other substances too. The brain chemistry that occurs during nicotine use is exactly the same as with alcohol and other drugs. When we look at this type of child’s family we almost always see a history of alcohol, nicotine and other drug abuse. If one parent is an alcoholic or addict there’s a forty percent chance the child will be too, and if both parents are substance abusers there’s an eighty percent chance, even if the child is removed from that home and put in an alcohol free home. These children have a genetic pre-disposition to become alcoholics and addicts. Recent research also shows pregnant woman who uses nicotine during their pregnancy put their child at risk of suffering Aborted Physical Development, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Attention Deficit Disorder and mental and physical maladies. These children are born restless irritable and discontented, because they suffer from a deficiency of dopamine, and other feel good compounds, and when they are first exposed to nicotine, alcohol, or drugs, they feel good for the first time and their minds say, “give me more.” This is the beginning of alcoholism and addiction.

Is there a solution? You bet there is, or I wouldn’t be standing before you now….to be continued

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