“Will” you be ready?

by Chris Mathes, Scout Executive, AWAC-BSA

(Taken from THE COURIER – Official messenger of the Anthony Wayne Area Council.)


The night sky is clear and bright. You look up at the stars as you sit in front of the embers of a dying fire. The Scouts and other dads have turned in for the night, leaving you alone with your thoughts.

You have been with the Scouting program for a long time now. You have seen the difference it can make in the lives of boys and families. Your thoughts now turn to what Scouting will be like in the future. What could it be like?

The answer is clear as the night sky itself. With thoughtful planning and commitment to the future of Scouting – on your part and on the part of many other Scouting families – this great movement will continue to grow and flourish. One way you and your family can support the Anthony Wayne Area Council’s need for an endowment is to name the trust fund of the Anthony Wayne Area Council as a beneficiary in your will.

A bequest to the Anthony Wayne Area Council’s endowment can take many forms. You can leave a specific item or amount of cash. You can leave a “residuary” gift, distributing to the Council part of what is left over after all your other bequests have been distributed or you may leave a percentage of your estate to Scouting.

If you feel a bequest to Scouting would be beneficial to you and would like more information, please contact the Anthony Wayne Area Council at 432-9593 or 800-272-2922. Also look for more information on our national planned giving website at With a little planning and thought, you “will be ready”! Let us know how we can help!


Scout-O-Rama 2003 will be held May 9, 10, & 11, 2003 at Johnny Appleseed Park. Early set-up will be Friday from 10am to 3pm – Regular set-up will be from 3:30pm to 9pm. Closing ceremony after the Wizards game at the ballpark Saturday at 6:30pm. $8 price includes entrance into Scout-O-Rama, camping, Wizards game & a patch. $4 for additional Wizards Tickets.

TICKET SALES: The general public and family members can attend Scout-O-Rama by purchasing a $3 ticket from a Scout. Scout-O-Rama offers your unit the opportunity to earn money through ticket sales—up to 60% cash back! Make sure that your unit is signed up to participate in the Scout-O-Rama and to sell tickets so that you can receive the highest commissions.

BOOTHS: Your leaders should begin brainstorming and discussing now about your unit’s booth. Booths should reflect the theme: Scouting – Past, Present, & Future. Check your Cub, Boy, & Venturing Scout Handbooks or leader books for ideas. Getting people involved in the Active Demonstration of your subject is the key to success! Plenty of action should be planned into the demonstration in order to increase appeal. You should plan to have plenty of youth participants with adult supervision at your booth. Prizes for best booth displays will be awarded at the closing ceremony.

Start gathering ideas for your unit’s booth. Remember – No items or services may be sold or ordered from unit booths.


Be prepared to have fun and adventure this summer. Boy Scout Troop 38 sponsored by Calvary United Methodist Church says Summer Camp will find us camping at Camp Chief Little Turtle in Iroquois Campsite, during Session 4 from July 6 to July 12, 2003. Anyone wanting to attend camp with our troop, please contact Scoutmaster Jerry Lloyd at 7pm any Monday night at the church. Boy Scout Summer Camp fees are: $155 for boys and $55 for adults. Payments are due in three increments – March 1, 2003-$55, April 25, 2003-$55, and May 23, 2003-$45. To join, a boy must be at least 11 years old and no older than 18.

Cub Scout Resident Summer Camp Fee is $90 for boys and $35 for adults – Camp dates are Session 1-July 30-August 2, Session 2-August 3-6, and Session 3-August 6-9. Payments should be made April 25, 2003-$30, May 23, 2003-$30, and June 27, 2003-$30. Cub Scouting is for boys age 8 to 11. Contact the Scout Office at 432-9593 for more information.

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